The Deity of Jesus Christ

When it comes to the Son (Jesus Christ), the Bible everywhere affirms that Jesus is true and eternal God, uncreated, and without beginning or end.

The Covenant of Works

It is clear from scripture that Adam stood in a covenant relationship with God in the garden, and violated that agreement. In this post, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger gives us an overview of The Covenant of Works.

In the Beginning – God

The Basics of the Reformed Faith - In the beginning God. This excerpt from The Basics of the Reformed Faith by Kim Riddglebarger starts with God eternal.

Covenant Theology with Dr. Ligon Duncan

Covenants are God's way of sealing His promise, and Dr. Ligon Duncan explains how proper Covenant Theology serves as a hermeneutic, or an interpretive framework for understanding the overall flow of the Bible and the unfolding story of redemption.

Divine Image Bearers – Kim Riddlebarger

All men and women are divine image-bearers and truly like God, and possess all of the communicable attributes of God albeit in creaturely form and measure.

The Covenant of Grace

The Covenant of Grace God promised eternal blessing in return for faith in Christ. Initiated in the garden, this is God's chosen method of redeeming a people for Himself.

The Fall of Adam

The good news is only good in light of the bad news...which is that we are a fallen people condemned by God awaiting the sentence of death and eternal punishment! How did this happen?