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Road to Holiness

Be Holy, For I Am Holy

We are called to a “Separation to God, and the conduct befitting those so separated”. Are we answering that call?


Faith and Endurance to the end

Enduring in Holiness: Gaining Life Through Steadfast Faith

Discover the transformative power of enduring faith as we unpack the practical wisdom in Luke 21:19. Our latest post explores how true endurance, rooted in holiness, can guide us through life's toughest challenges.

Modern Christianity and Homosexuality

As society changes, Christians face the challenge of upholding Bible teachings while showing Christ's love to everyone. This challenge becomes especially clear with topics like homosexuality, where current opinions can differ greatly from historical Christian beliefs.
Men and their Titles

Honorific Titles and the Structure of the NT Church

Man, Pride, and Titles! Ever since I was a young Christian…