the standard has already been set

Road to Holiness

Be Holy, For I Am Holy

We are called to a “Separation to God, and the conduct befitting those so separated”. Are we answering that call?


Remembering R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul died December 14th 2017. R.C. greatly impacted the world and the church, and had no less effect on us and our ministry here.

Review: Why We’re Protestant

Nate Pickowicz’s “Why We’re Protestant” is a well-written introduction to reformation theology and the root of Protestantism. This book is an excellent primer for the 5 Solas and an enjoyable read. I wanted more!
New LIfe in Holy Living

All Things Become New

When living a holy life you no longer look at things in the same way. Your desires change and you begin to have a different perspective on things that used to have power over you.